Friday, July 14, 2006

We're Sitting On Top Of The Story Of The Century Here

I'm quite sure that the Powers That Be at CNN and wonder why they're held in such contempt by progressive audiences. I mean, gosh-a-roonies, their slogan is "The Most Trusted Name In News!" Way better than "Fair And Balanced".

Well, today gives a perfect example. See, there's this little throwdown going on between Israel and Lebanon, and the issues are confusing to many, and one would think that asking the viewers and web readers a provocative question would get them to think about those issues, maybe just a little. That's, after all, kinda the point of polling.

So what's the poll at right now?

"Should a picture of a dying Princess Diana have been published?"


No disrespect or nothin', but the woman died nine years ago. And the pictures -- ooooh! An unconscious woman being fitted with an oxygen mask -- are provocative only because of some people's natural tendencies towards celebrity voyeurism.

The Middle East is bombing the shit out of itself. I think that has a little priority. But asking sush asinine poll questions raises them to a level of respectability they don't deserve, and diminishes actual news by making it no more important than your breathless opinion about a nine-year-old photograph.

In other words, CNN, you keep up shit like this, and you will cease to matter.

I'm right there with you, Thomas my boy. And CNN wonders why Faux News has overtaken them in the ratings. (It sure ain't because of their "Unfair and Unbalanced" excuse for reporting.)

BTW, have you checked out Democratic Underground? It would be a faboo addition to your Activism link list. The weekly list of the "Top 10 Conservative Idiots" alone makes it worth a visit for lefties like us.

-- Matt Leger
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