Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good God, What In Hell Are You Waiting For?

231 years ago today, a bunch of people who really had not wanted to do so found that the only way they had to get the lives they wanted was to declare themselves independent from their mother country.

They wanted to live in freedom.

There are many debates as to whether or not the United States of America is the "best" country in the history of our civilization. Often overlooked is the reason the matter is debated at all, the reason many people believe that in the first place: The notion that the people can rule themselves. No kings, princes, strongmen, warlords... no hereditary ruling class.

We The People.

Unfortunately, several years ago this entire notion was thrown into chaos by a group which believed rather differently. And they have screwed up our nation almost incalculably in six short years.

Day before yesterday was, perhaps, I can hope, the last straw.

And, last night, Keith Olbermann let them have it.

Our country is not the best because of some mythical entitlement.

Our country is the best when we remember that we are all in this together.

Happy Independence Day, America. It's time to be free once more.

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