Friday, July 28, 2006

Rams Plagued By Fumbles As Earthquakes Rock Los Angeles -- Film At Eleven

I really despise the Corporate Media -- not merely because I feel they are directly complicit in and dedicated to keeping evil men in power, but because the shit they do tell us is, largely, shit.

Yahoo News has this "story" from Business Week about how Cartier watches are made. Besides my having trouble giving a third of a shit about how an $80,000 watch is made -- hmmm, lemme see: Wrist chronograph, or rent, food, and expenses for four years? Tough call -- the main Yahoo page has the headline, "Cartier timepieces crafted with artistry, detail".

That isn't news; it's a spam subject line. I know. I get about a hundred Rolex offers a day.

Listening to WWJ-AM in Detroit yesterday (which has similar ads-disguised-as-news all the time, mostly from the auto industry talking about sales promotions), there were constant breathless announcements of a "developing story": Former Detroit City Council leader Maryann Mahaffey died. Now, she was a great lady, who did a lot for Detroit -- but, if her death is a "developing story", I want some fuckin' zombie action, y'know? Illegal experimentation, reanimation, something. I want an origin.

On the same channel, the CBS news update noted the new video by the #2 al-Qaida leader, the one with al-Zawahiri saying they would not stand idly by "while these [Israeli] shells burn our brothers" (a statement made over two weeks after those shells started burning their brothers, where ya been, guys, but never mind). And then they got the following sound bite from "a terrorism expert": "This message may lead to a major attack on a Western target in the future...."

Ooooh, pithy insight.

The capper for the day was Nice Polite Republicans with a story on a national election poll, the results of which came down to: Either the national elections will be decided by national issues, or by local get-out-the-vote efforts on the ground, and there was no way to tell until the election.

The fuck? Somebody got paid for an insight my stuffed bear could provide more detail about?

I know they think we're stupid. I know they talk to us like we're stupid. But I'm getting damn sick and tired of them saying things which are so blatantly stupid that you wonder how the Action Eyewitness News Team can dress themselves in the morning.

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