Sunday, May 07, 2006

My God, I Haven't Been Fucked Like That Since Grade School

Kevin Drum points out today's least surprising headline: Many Youths Disregard Their Virginity Pledges, Harvard Study Says
Virginity pledges, in which young people vow to abstain from sex until marriage, have little staying power among those who take them, a Harvard study has found.

More than half of the adolescents who make the signed public promises give up on their pledges within a year, according to the study released last week.

The findings have raised the ire of Concerned Women for America, a prominent conservative organization that advocates adolescent sexual abstinence.

"The Harvard report is wrong," said Janice Crouse, a fellow at a Concerned Women for America think tank.

"This study is in direct contradiction with trends we have been seeing in recent years," Crouse said. "Those who make virginity pledges have shown greater resolve to save sex for marriage."
Ms. Crouse... sweetie, buhbie, dahlink.

Never mind that many of the kids who've taken that pledge don't count oral or anal sex.

Just... do you really think that the ones who've broken the chastity vow are going to tell you?

I swear to Cthulhu, these people are dumber than urinal cakes.

I particularly like your subject line, since it was a replacement for another line that the studio found objectionable: "I want to have your abortion."
I have a newsflash that the conservatives may not have received yet, which I will summarize here for their benefit:


Carry on.
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