Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"You Can Go To Hell!" "We Can't -- Not Alone."

What is it with these assholes and torture?
A new Pentagon policy governing the interrogation of prisoners allows for exceptions if authorized in writing by top Defense Department officials.

The new directive, signed by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England last week, formalizes many rules created since U.S. troops' abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad was revealed in April 2004.

Elisa Massimino, Washington director for Human Rights First, a group that has lobbied for stricter limits on interrogations after Abu Ghraib, says the exceptions could lead to abuses: "This is what got us into problems in the first place."

Massimino described the exceptions as similar to one that Vice President Cheney has advocated for CIA personnel interrogating prisoners in the war on terrorism.
Look, it's really, really simple, mm-kay? Torture is wrong. Torture is illegal, both by our laws and international treaties we have signed. Torture doesn't work. Torture is not popular with our own people. Torture endangers our troops.

So why are these fuckers, Cheney and England and who knows who else, so hot to get a loophole in there? Well, obviously, because they really like torture.

I say we all kick in ten bucks and get them lifetime memberships in whatever online BDSM multimedia services they might like, give 'em memberships in chat rooms, maybe download some hentai. Let 'em go back to their undisclosed locations and wank till they're out of office.

Better than actual harm inflicted on actual people.


I agree with your stance on torture. It's wrong.

I respectfully ask that you not conflate torture with BDSM: the latter is consensual; the former is not.
Without completely sidetracking whatever other discussion might go on here about this, I actually do understand that point, Janet. I was being snarky. And I have infinitely more respect for the BDSM communities (which I'm not even a part of), which care for each other and have limits and safewords and whatever else, than for anyone currently in the Administration.
Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.
Considering what I've read about Scooter Libby's novel, I think you're on to something. They're living out sexual fantasies that would get them banned from any BDSM chatroom.
MEC, if you haven't already read it, Shakespeare's Sister had a nice post concerning Republican sexual repression as evinced in their literature.
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