Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"I'm Here To Tell You Your Brothers Were Killed In Combat. They're Dead." "Which One, Sir?" "All Of Them."

Vigils tonight across the country in memory of the 2,000 American servicepeople who've been killed in Iraq. Find out more here, here, here, or here.

Note: There have been some on the Right, including that insane scarecrow Michelle Malkin, who are actually trying to characterize these vigils as celebrations. Like so many other things that are lied about constantly by the Right Wing Noise Machine, it apparently has to be said out loud, again and again: We on the Left mourn our dead and honor the sacrifice our soldiers have made. Our problem is not with the soldiers, but with the monstrous, cowardly, imperial-minded psychopaths who sent them to a war we should never have started.

Anyone who can characterize a candlelight vigil as a party or celebration is dishonest and rotten to the core.

In most of these specific instances, this is not exactly a newsflash.
Aww, it is just like the right. Glorifying and celebrating death.
Oh by the way, I linked to your blog on mine (PA Liberal)
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