Sunday, September 04, 2005

Maybe I Could Turn This Thing To My Advantage

One of the biggest disasters to face our nation, ever, and BushCo is still playing politics and trying to avoid blame. The most recent talking point is that it's the locals' fault, both for not declaring an emergency until Sunday and for not requesting help, and even if they did ask for help not specifying what was needed.

This, of course, would be bullshit.

Here is the official declaration by Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babnieaux Blanco of a state of emergency starting on Friday, Aug. 26, until Sunday, Sept. 25.

Here is a four-page letter, dated Aug. 28, laying out in ridiculous detail the assistance Louisiana wanted.

Thanks to The Democratic Daily for this one.

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Did you know that, in Bend, Oregon, they're trying to prosecute a woman of forcing drugs onto a child... because she did meth while pregnant?

That means that it's a baby since conception, you know!

*rolls eyes* Sneaky fucks, aren't they?
The Narccissim Administraton.

Enlarging the Problem By Kenneth Adelman, Wednesday, April 03, 2002; My longtime mentor, Donald Rumsfeld, is fond of saying: When a particular problem is intractable, enlarge it.
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