Thursday, September 15, 2005

It Is Only Out Of Sheer Morbid Curiosity That I Am Allowing This Freak Show To Continue

And, so, the highest court in the land is reduced to a game show:
Frustrated by two days of sparring with John Roberts, Democrats are down to their final chances to coax answers from the chief justice nominee on abortion, privacy and other hot-button issues before he heads to likely Senate confirmation.

Six Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats — Roberts' biggest critics so far — will try one last time on Thursday to elicit his views on a host of legal subjects before ending confirmation hearings on the man President Bush wants to replace the late William H. Rehnquist.

But Democrats expressed little hope of cracking what New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer called Roberts' "cone of silence."

"This process is getting a little more absurd the further we move," Schumer groused.

Roberts has successfully sidestepped and parried questions on how he would rule on controversial cases, and committee Republicans were so confident in the 50-year-old judge's ability to emerge unscathed Thursday they've waived any time they could use to help him recover from any potential slip-ups.

This is not a prize, you Republican gamesplayers, you scumsucking powermongers. This isn't a Kewpie doll. This is our goddamn legal system. And it's a fucking job interview.

Candidates for such positions are asked questions because We The People need to know the answers. We need to have an idea of what someone who may direct the Supreme Court for the next generation may think about the most pressing legal issues of the day. We need to know if he's interested in upholding the law or advancing an agenda, and we need to know his philosophical basis for doing so.

If you were interviewing a candidate for a job who "sidestepped and parried" your questions, would you hire him? If you were a candidate playing these games, would you honestly think the interviewer would admire your evasive witticisms -- and then make you CEO?

And the headline on the story makes me just as crazy: "Democrats Get One Last Shot At Roberts". As if it's the last reel of an adventure movie. As if it's a WWE storyline.

As if it's a foregone conclusion that Roberts will be confirmed.

There are a lot of questions about this man's record and legal thinking, questions which both he and the White House refuse to answer. Some records have been released, but nowhere near enough, and not the ones asked for. Under those circumstances, John Roberts doesn't deserve to be a judge in any court of law, let alone leading the highest one.

Here Here. Just based on his hiding answers I have revamped my opinion on him. Originally I thought he might not be to bad in S.D O'conners post. His past as revealed did not scare me as much as it did alot of people. Becoming chief justice though is a far different story. His positions will not just effect the court, it would control it almost.
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