Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'd Better Not Stand Too Close To You -- People Might Think I'm Part Of The Band! I'm Joking, Of Course

How does the Pentagon want to mark the fourth anniversary of the September 11 attacks? How 'bout a rock concert:

Q: What is the America Supports You Freedom Walk?
R: The America Supports You Freedom Walk is an event on September 11 that allows citizens the opportunity to remember the victims of September 11, honor our veterans past and present, and celebrate our freedom.

Q: When is the ASY Freedom Walk being held?
R: The Freedom Walk is being held on September 11, 2005, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Pentagon South parking lot.

Q: What is the ASY Freedom Walk route?
R: The America Supports You Freedom Walk begins near the Pentagon crash site, crossing Arlington National Cemetery, passing several National memorials, and concluding adjacent to the National Mall and Reflecting Pool with an America Supports You concert by country superstar singer and songwriter Clint Black....


Q: Why is DoD organizing this event?
R: Since September 11, 2001, the Pentagon has provided citizens with opportunities to commemorate September 11 in meaningful ways. The America Supports You Freedom Walk is the fourth September 11 commemorative activity sponsored by the DoD. The goal for the 5th anniversary in 2006 is for each state to host a Freedom Walk in order to provide an opportunity for as many citizens as possible to reflect on the importance of freedom.

Thank God. Without this important event, I'm sure we all would've completely forgotten 9/11. 'Cause, y'know, the media wouldn't have mentioned it or anything. And I'm sure Dubya would've maintained his usual dignified silence.

And how good of the Pentagon to "provide... citizens with opportunities to commemorate September 11 in meaningful ways". See? If we had remembered 9/11, we'd'a been stumped as to how to remember 9/11.

And I'm especially sure Dubya's tanking ratings and the abject failure of pretty much everything in Iraq have nothing to do with the timing of this exploitative bullsh- er, spontaneous celebration of American freedom.

Still, I feel for Dubya. He needs a distraction of some sort. Oh, not for him -- for America away from him. Hmmm. Lemme think.

Dammit, aren't there any white women in the news?

Cindy Sheehan's a white woman, but she's not blonde or young, so she doesn't get any headlines. Them's the rules.
It ain't a rock concert,'s music that caters to those much less questioning of "Jay-sus lovin'" Bush's admin, for those happy to follow W's plan to have your way with the world and then claim the moral high ground, and all for the's country! Clint Black of the "I-raq and I roll," crapola, to be specific.
What? Wasn't Toby "The Angry American" Keith available--or was the fact that he claims to be a Democrat(?), just to much for Rumfailed to trust.
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