Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What Are You Talking About, "Variety"? Hostages? You Want To Fuck Some Other Women Now? Is That What You're Talking About, Mickey?

Okay, the circus is over.

No, it's not.

The pundits now ponder Michael Jackson's future.

The old bit about critics being like eunuchs in a harem -- they can observe, critique, possibly even facilitate, but they can't do it themselves -- seems especially apt with such fatuities as this:
"We don't want to see a Judy Garland," UK-based [DJ and music historian Paul] Gambaccini told the BBC, referring to the Hollywood actress who struggled with addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol in her later years. "We could see a Judy Garland."
Heaven forfend we see a Judy Garland.

Out in the real fucking world, we've got war, earthquakes, pestilence, nuclear tensions, cronyism, Microsoft-sanctioned censorship, a failed drug war, and the occasional startling ineptitude. Now that Jacko's off the hook, could the media be bothered to pay a little attention to that stuff, hmmm?

Didn't think so.

Did the news media turn to real news after Whitewater fizzled out? After Elian Gonzales was returned to Cuba? After Terri Schiavo? After OJ?

Why should they start now?
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