Friday, June 24, 2005

This Is Some Rescue -- When You Came In Here, Didn't You Have A Plan For Getting Out?

Robert Parry has an excellent column, inspired by Dubya's incredible statement earlier this week, “I think about Iraq every day. Every single day, because I understand we have troops in harm’s way."

Two things, perhaps more directly than Mr. Parry's points.

George, the troops are in harm's way because you put them there.

And, given that you put them there, that you have spent hundreds of billions of dollars and almost two thousand American lives and God only knows how many Iraqi lives and all of our international reputation to put them there and there's no end in sight, no exit strategy, no plan, you had fucking well better be thinking of Iraq every waking moment.

Thanks to Billy B, in comments at Eschaton, for pointing this out.

Reading this, I pictured Dubya pointing at Karl Rove and saying "He's the brains, sweetheart!".
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