Friday, June 24, 2005

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

The White House stands behind Karl Rove's remarks.

Therefore, everybody who disagrees with the President is officially an un-American traitor. Liberals wanted to help the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center, they want to help the Iraqi insurgency, and they want US troops to die. That is what Rove said; that is what they are telling us is the case.

These people have no shame. They will stoop to any depth. Their only purpose is to win and consolidate power.

Any bets on suspension of the 2006 elections? Martial law? Liberal internment camps by 2007? Repeal of the 22nd Amendment? Nothing's impossible with these evil fucks.

I really wanted to meet you, I liked your songs and humor, but you are close minded as they come. Did you even listen to the statment? Rove was talking about '' But since you blindly hate people, no matter who they are with a little 'R' by their name, you close yourself off. Do you agree with Sen. Turbin that our troops are Nazis?
Anon - you, I'm afraid are buying the Repub party line. Rove didn't say "" -- he said "liberals", by which he meant (because he specified it) "not Republicans". Please go down a couple of posts, to the big rant about Rove, and follow the links and read what he said.

No, I do not agree with Sen. Turbin that our troops are Nazis. I do agree with Sen. Durbin that the methods of interrogation and mistreatment of prisoners by our troops described in the reports from Guantanamo Bay, without the context of where they occurred, sound more like the work of fascist countries than of what we think of as the United States. That's all he said -- he was asking Why Are Americans Doing This? This Isn't America. He was vilified by the right wing, with a standard-issue Republican method -- focusing on one potentially objectionable part of the statement, a choice of phrasing, and making that the issue, rather than the subject matter.

Which is, actually, exactly what you're trying to do here.

Now you know why I keep the politics off the web site, for the most part.
Bill Kristal, Bush apologist, tap-danced around the question of Rove apologizing on The Diane Rehm Show's Weekly News Round-Up.

Durbin should retract his apology.
filkertom, those are some horrible thoughts. I think people are finally waking up, though. It might not be as bleak of a picture as you paint in your questions.
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