Sunday, May 01, 2005

Relax, Baby -- This Is Better Than Sex

Of course.

Dear Governor Bush:

I am writing you concerning the pregnant 13 year old Florida girl known as "LG" who is currently in the custody of DCF.

I'm sure you are familiar with the details of this case, so I will press the most urgent point of the entire matter.

Governor Bush, under no circumstances should LG's baby be killed by abortion. I am begging you to not allow a repeat of the Terry Schindler fiasco, which results in the death of another innocent person.

Please Mr. Governor, use every means at your disposal to ensure that this innocent unborn child is brought to full-term, and delivered alive. Pro-abortion zealots at the ACLU and pro-abortion judges must not be allowed to snuff out the life of this unique human being.

Moreover, it is clear that LG is a deeply troubled young woman. God knows that she is probably the victim of multiple sexual crimes against her. If she is not already there, she is certainly on track for a long list of self-abusive and self-destructive behaviors which could (God forbid) bring her life to a tragic and premature end.

If she is permitted or pressured into having this abortion, it will be one more mountain of guilt that she will have to carry on her young back. This will be a horrifying, defining moment for her, which will bring no long term relief or solutions to her turbulent life, and will only compound her grief and the emotional crises she will face in the future.

For whatever reasons that Providence has permitted, the eyes of the nation continue to focus on life and death issues in Florida, and hence on you as our Governor. I pray that you will be a stalwart champion for life and justice, unflinching in the face of criticism, a man equal to the battles the lie before you.

Please fight for this baby's life, and do not surrender this unborn child to the hands of his would-be slayers under any circumstances.

God's peace and long life to you,

Randall Terry

cc: Governor Bush's press secretary; Legal Counsel for Governor's office

I'm not even sure where to start.

Yes, I am. Randall Terry is a religious terrorist. He is one of the slimiest, most sanctimonious hypocrites imaginable. He butted into the Schiavo circus; he has incited other religious terrorists to murder health care providers.

And now he wants to force this thirteen-year-old girl to bear a child she herself knows she is not able to care for, a birth far more medically risky than an abortion.

This is why we have abortion laws in this country. This is why we have privacy laws.

It is no business whatsoever of Randall Terry or any-damn-body else except her whether or not she chooses to have an abortion. It is not his call whether a lump of cells with the potential to grow into a human has more rights than an actual human.

And, of course, his smarmy propaganda cap was on with this little missive. The reference to Terri Schindler, as if she hadn't gone by the name Schiavo. Already calling LG's fetus male.

Equating the Schiavo circus to this situation at all.

See, on the one hand, we had a woman who had expressed wishes not to be kept alive in a vegetative state, who hadn't written those wishes down. She suffered a terrible illness which literally destroyed her brain. Her husband fought for fifteen years to simply let her go so he could respect her wishes and remember her as she was. Her parents didn't want to give up their baby. A whole lot of court action and a whole lot of ugliness later, that family is shattered, and who is on their side now? Is Randall Terry or Jeb Bush or Dubya or Tom Delay or Bill Frist calling up the Schindlers and inviting them over to drown their sorrows and commisserate?

On the other hand, we have a young woman -- a girl, yet biologically capable of having a child -- who's been put in foster care because of her home situation. We don't know exactly what it was, but, hey. They took her out of it and made her a ward of the state. And she ended up pregnant, almost certainly as a result of statutory rape (it could be a Romeo & Juliet thing, but I'm not holding my breath). And she was counselled, and -- because she was so young, because she couldn't get a job, because it was physically dangerous to bear a child at her age, because as a minor the state would take the baby from her anyway -- she decided that the best thing to do would be to have an abortion. It is her legal right to do so. But now a man who doesn't know her, who will not care one whit for her or her baby after its birth, a man who puts his God's "law" well before the laws of man, state and society -- a man whose only goal is his sociopathic power agenda against women and their wombs -- is writing to the governor of Florida... and everybody is perfectly aware that the governor might listen to him.

Randall Terry has no goddamn business butting into anyone else's life. Period. He refers to the ACLU as "zealots" because they attempt to enforce and protect the Bill of Rights. The zealot is Randall Terry himself.

And, once again, I have to ask: Is their God so weak that He must employ thugs such as this to enforce His will? Or is His will being perverted to the vile purposes of Randall Terry and his type? Or, horror of horrors, Mr. Terry, what if in fact there is no God, and you just like having power over women in the most intimate and personal matters possible?

Thanks to OrangeClouds115 for his diary on this at The Daily Kos.

(Edited slightly for clarity.)

"They took her out of it and made her a ward of the state. And she turned out to be pregnant."

A clarification: she was not pregnant when she was taken from her home. She has been a ward of the state for a long while now, enough to have run away several times, and became pregnant the last time she ran away:

"J.G. is 14 weeks pregnant, witnesses testified, which would indicate she became pregnant after she ran away from a group home in late January and was missing for a month."

Not that this has any bearing on the rest of your post, of course, just pointing it out. Other than that, I couldn't agree more.
Thanks -- clumsy wording on my part. "Ended up pregnant" is probably the way to word it. Even so, run away several times? Porous system ya got here, Jeb.
It irks me when people claim to 'care' about something but do nothing to back it up. How many 'pro-lifers' adopt children? Why doesn't Jeb or Terry adopt L.G. if he cares so much about her life? Then when LG's baby is born he can be an instant grandpa and give both mother and child all the care they need. Of course, you will never see this happen...they claim to care, but they really just like to have their name in the media.
I honestly think folks like Terry have a control fetish. The man is obsessed with controlling what happens to women, he loves to ride to the rescue. He's definitely got issues, and I'm sure he's got enough skeletons in his closet that, when they come out, will be sickening.

And the previous post is right. Where are all the "pro-life" people out there asking for more welfare, better child support, universal healthcare, and the like that would save the lives of born and unborn alike? Where are they when the bills are due? Nowhere.
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