Monday, May 30, 2005

Calling It Your Job Don't Make It Right, Boss

Yet another story you might not have heard about over the all-important Jacko trial:
Seven of 10 classroom teachers in a tiny school district resigned after a colleague was fired for helping an 11-year-old girl who was left alone in a playground to pick up rocks as punishment.

The fourth-grader in the East Lynne School District in Cass County was assigned the task last September for refusing to do her schoolwork, but she was unsupervised except for a security camera. The playground was near a road but inside a fence.

The fired teacher, Christa Price, went to the principal — who is also the district superintendent — and asked him to reconsider the punishment, but he wouldn’t. So on her free period, Price helped the girl pick up rocks. Other teachers watched the girl the next day.

At contract time in March, Superintendent Dan Doerhoff recommended firing Price, a popular teacher who had had good performance evaluations, for insubordination. Seven other teachers then chose not to return their contracts.

“If a teacher who advocates on behalf of safety of a student is not fit to be a teacher at East Lynne or anywhere in Missouri according to this administration, then none of us are fit to teach at East Lynne,” the teachers who resigned said Tuesday in a statement.

Okay, first thing: Picking up rocks? I got one for ya, bright boy, O District Superintendent -- why not have her do her schoolwork? Or are you just trying to inculcate that prison mentality a little early?

On multiple days?

How exactly is it, Mr. Doerhoff, that you're qualified to have anything with education, or, for that matter, children? What were the rocks for, asshat? Got a corner of the lawn that needs landscaping, or something?

The only thing this particular punishment would do, as far as I can tell, is to increase the girl's bitterness and resentment and physical danger. Unsupervised? Near the road? Oh, nothing ever happens to kids left alone like that.

And so, a teacher who finds this unfair helps the girl and shows her that not all the adults are stupid, petty, petulant, and arbitrary. And that teacher gets fired by the dipshit that started the whole thing.

And now you've lost 70% of your educators.

Thank you for single-handedly screwing up your entire school district. When are you up for re-election, again...?


So much for No Child Left Unsupervised In A Vacant Lot...
Unfortunately, he may not be up for re-election at all. Where I'm from, school superintendants are hired by the school board. So he may have a job for as long as he doesn't choose to victimize any children or teachers who are actually related to board members...
Thank you for carrying info. about our situation. We need all the help we can get!
Our 4 children attend school here. We use to have a GREAT school. As parents we are getting VERY frustrated because we cannot seem to get anyone to HELP us. The school board is split on firing him...and no one in higher levels claims to be able to do anything about this arrogant jerk. Once again, nothing was achieved at the last board meeting as far as I can gather from the info. I received from a school board member on "our" side that I spoke with at length. He and a few of the others are frustrated just like the rest of us parents. Here are some links to more news stories about our situation:;action=display;threadid=3236

On a personal note, we are currently looking into sending 3 of our children to a different school district. Which WE would have to pay for, because our school has gone to h=!!... Pleasant Hill public school would charge us $5,000 for each child! Harrisonville public school, I have not been able to contact. And, the private Christian school in Harrisonville would be around $7500 total for the 3 of them. (This is the one we are leaning toward).

I have been told that 4 kids in my sons class of 11 are going to be attending school someplace else and 4 others are undecided (5 if you count our child). This is just one class!!! Generally speaking, we are NOT wealthy people in this area...I can't think of anyone who can really AFFORD to send their children to another district where they have to pay. But, we all feel our children are worth the drastic sacrifices we will have to make!

I had this thought last night while trying to go to sleep...It'd be soooooo awesome if some corporation or several...understood our plight and made a donation to help our families give our children the eduation they DESERVE... we could split the donations between the children to help pay for their education. I know it's a long shot, but it's a dream...since the reality of what's happening to our school and children is such a nightmare!

I think I can speak on the behalf of many...that we truly appreciate everyone around the WORLD that have heard of us and our situation and are supportive of our efforts. It's a great feeling to know we are not being totally ignored... and that we are being supported people who don't even know us!
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