Thursday, February 10, 2005

Our Doomsday Scheme Cost Us Just A Small Fraction Of What We Had Been Spending On Defense In A Single Year

Okay, so, let's review.

Back in 2003, Dubya said he'd add prescription drug coverage to Medicare. It'd cost $400 billion, which was a pretty tough sell. He got his thugs in Congress, especially Tom "The Bug Man" DeLay, to strong-arm it through (using tactics that would earn him one of several Congressional rebukes). After Dubya signed it, word got out that it wasn't $400 billion after all, it was $530 billion -- and the official who should've said that to Congress was threatened with the loss of his job.

Now we find out that prescription drug coverage will actually cost at least $724 billion. Unsurprisingly, Congress isn't happy.

Now then.

Dubya also said Social Security was in crisis. He said it was headed towards bankruptcy. He proposed a series of vague, very expensive measures, which would give a lot of money to Wall Street investment firms but which Bush himself later said wouldn't actually solve the crisis. (He also downgraded it from "crisis" to "problem", but that's neither here nor there. Yes it is.)

And, this morning,
the administration declines to say how much the measures that won't actually solve the crisis that isn't there will cost.

Can anyone explain to me why we should be trusting these people with anything, let alone our economic future? Because numerical estimates have never been their strong suit.

More on Bush's possible agenda next week.


I'll be away for a few days; have a great weekend, and please be safe.

I have three words to describe this administration: Untax And Spend.

Let's see... an F for reading, seeing as he holds the book upside down, an F for the hideous grammar evident in his speeches, and now an F in mathematics! Obviously, people reelected him because they felt he needed to repeat the grade!
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