Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Objection, Your Honor! Strangling The Witness!" "I'm Going To Allow It"

Now this is just silly:
The Vice-President [sic] of the Tulsa World has threatened legal action against me for "reproduc[ing] (in whole or in part) articles and/or editorials" and for "inappropriately link[ing my] website to Tulsa World content." ("World" is the legal name, although here at BatesLine we call it the Whirled, in the spirit of Private Eye's renaming of the Guardian as the Grauniad.)
In other words, it's against the law to quote or link to them. AAAAIINNNNGK! Thank you for playing. That's what the Fair Use laws and the California ruling on hypertext linking are for.

Apparently, BatesLine has criticized the Tulsa World, and they got a bit twitchy. Fine. But spurious legal thrashing is a sad, sad way to argue. More to the point, it demonstrates yet another display of people who literally do not get how the Internet has changed things -- do not understand how information, and its availability and verification, have exploded over the past decade.

The entire point of the Internet is linking -- going from one page to another to another to another. That's all Google does, for cryin' out loud. It's not called the Isolated Collection Of Web Pages That Never Talk To Each Other; it's called the Internet, as in "interconnected network".

And... no linking to you, no one visits you. Lonely little web page.

Saying someone can't quote you or link to your web page is roughly the same as saying, "You kids don't talk about me; I'm gonna sit in the corner and feel superior to y- where did everybody go?"

*sigh* If only he weren't a Malkin fan...
No, no. What they want is to restrict access to any of their material via their own links. After all, if you have to get to the editorial pages from a link at the front page, you have to see the front page first.

Ain't a-gonna happen. But that won't stop the bullies from trying, lots of times.
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