Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Law Doesn't Make Mistakes

Just calling attention to a new horror -- literally, horror.

House Resolution 418, "The REAL I.D. Act of 2005", would let the Secretary of Homeland Security waive any and all laws, as he or she deems necessary, without review.

Sieg fuckin' heil.

You know the drill.

(Many thanks to valabor at The Daily Kos for this one, and to commenter jrm78 at Atrios for pointing it out to me.)

Re-blogged. <*shiver*> Sorry I forgot to credit you for pointing it out.
Bear in mind that this is still just a bill (yes, it's only a bill, and it's sitting here on Capitol Hill). Section 102 could just be a bargaining chip. Bills often get weird stuff added to them in committee that gets taken out when it goes before a full house.

Which is not to say that this section, as written, isn't horrible.

-- arensb
Yep, so far it's only a bill. But the thing to me is that this is only an example of where we've gone to in America in the twenty-first century -- that something like this can be written, introduced, and taken seriously as potentially a good thing. And it leads me back to the question, "These people consider themselves Americans why?"
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