Friday, January 21, 2005

You Know, These Exercises Are Fantastic -- When The Day Comes We Have To Go To War Against Utah, We're Really Going To Kick Ass, Y'Know?

At least we won't have to wait around wondering:
President Bush refuses to rule out war with Iran. Iranian President Mohammad Khatami says his country is ready to defend itself against a U.S. attack. The United States is pushing for a peaceful solution to its nuclear impasse with Iran but, with mistrust on both sides running high, encouraging signs are hard to find.

"You look around the world at potential trouble spots, Iran is right at the top of the list," Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday in an interview with radio host Don Imus, hours before being sworn in to a second term.


"We don't want a war in the Middle East if we can avoid it," Cheney quickly added, "and certainly, in the case of the Iranian situation, I think everybody would best suited by, and or best treated or dealt with, if we could deal with it diplomatically."

Gee, I hate to bring everybody down, but we already have a fucking war in the Middle East.

Perhaps the most pessimistic comment of all this week came from Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del.

"There may be nothing we can do to persuade Iran not to develop weapons of mass destruction," Biden said during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing for Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice.

Let's see. We named Iran one of three nations in an "axis of evil". In spite of the whole world, we invaded the weakest one; we're still not talking to the strongest. Eeyup, I wouldn't get rid of my WMD programs either.

This, on the first day of the new regime.

It's gonna be a long four years.

Great post! And yes, it is going to be a long four years - and a long three years in Australia btw where GWB's best chum, John Howard, was re-elected with an increased majority. He might even go along with GWB in his attack on Iran ..
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