Wednesday, January 19, 2005

One Of Us Has Made A Gross Error, And Wasted The Other Person's Valuable Time

Defanged dissent.

Harlan Ellison invoked that term some thirty-five years ago. That's what we have today.

I spoke with a friend this morning, who had just seen the guys behind JibJab on The Today Show. They said they were going to play an excerpt from JibJab's newest web animation... but they ended up playing the whole thing. And my friend thought this was A Big Deal, what with The Today Show airing such a daring point of view criticizing the Bush administration.

I just caught the new JibJab piece. It's utterly tame. Bland, even.

Yeah, it's got Dubya marking "No Gay Marriage" on the Constitution in crayon. Savage, biting satire, that.

Dissent means calling bullshit on Dubya's insane policies. Pointing out how he misdirects attention away from himself and his cronies. Refuting his numerous lies.

We sure got some "dissent" in the Condi Rice hearings, didn't we? All those vicious questions... and then all the vicious questioners, with the exceptions of John Kerry and Barbara Boxer and disappointingly including Barack Obama, voted for Condi.

Oh, yeah, babe. Dissent.

Salon printed an excellent Scandal Sheet the other day. (Subscription, or sitting through a few quick ads, required.) But, even with all that documentation at the ready -- and this is merely the newest compilation; there are many, many such that have been created over the past four years -- our elected representatives on both sides of the aisle seem reluctant to call our Preznit on his slight missteps.

Fuck that. I want some noise, dammit. And if our elected representatives don't make it... it's up to us.

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"Fuck that. I want some noise, dammit. And if our elected representatives don't make it... it's up to us."

Funny, my brother ( was just saying last night that he thought he had an old bicycle helmet and some goggles that he could wear when it all GOES OUT TO THE STREET this summer....
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