Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Good Many Dramatic Situations Begin With Screaming

And we all thought Ashcroft was bad.

Well, okay, he was, and is. But Alberto Gonzales, nominated to replace Ashcroft as United States Attorney General. should in fact be disbarred.

Exhibit A: The memo narrowly redefining torture. (Here's a quick refresher on 'em from The New York Times.) Torture is not an American value; it's not a human value. What part of "We are the Good Guys, and we do not torture people" is so difficult to understand?

Yet Gonzales not only specifically requested the memo, he did everything he could in his Senate confirmation hearings to avoid answering questions about it.

Exhibit B: Gonzales got George W. Bush out of jury duty in Texas in 1995 under, shall we say, dubious circumstances.

I mean, sure, fine, no one really likes jury duty, but most people -- especially those considering public office -- recognize it as part of their civic responsibility, and even take pride in it. Dubya? He gets his lawyer to pull some back-room negotiations. Oh, not wanting to reveal his criminal convictions might've had something to do with it.

The entire concept of representative government is selecting the best and the brightest to represent us, We The People. The entire record of the Bush Administration has been to reward allies, cronies, and contributors. The Gonzales nomination is a classic example: Someone who used to help Dubya back in Texas, now being rewarded with high office -- a high office he is uniquely unqualified for.

Contact your Senators and tell them to vote an emphatic NO on Alberto Gonzales.

(Thanks to the excellent Armando and Tom P at The Daily Kos for some of the linkage above.)

His callousness towards those on death row who appealed to then-governor Bush is mentioned briefly in your Sourcewatch link. But for those interested, here's a somewhat lengthier article that deals mostly with Bush's actions regarding the executions, but provides some more details about what all Gonzales did--or didn't do.

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