Saturday, December 18, 2004

Fear Leads To Anger; Anger Leads To Hate; Hate Leads To Suffering

Ah, the dire warnings of the Old and Wise:
Pope John Paul on Saturday condemned same sex marriage as an attack on the fabric of society and called on Catholics to combat what he said was aggressive attempt to legally undermine the family.

"Attacks on marriage and the family, from an ideological and legal aspect, are becoming stronger and more radical every day," the 84-year old pontiff said in the unusually strong statement.

"Who destroys this fundamental fabric causes a profound injury to society and provokes often irreparable damage.

Not that he can name any specific damage done to anyone or anything, no no no.

Which brings us back to one of the most cogent statements on the subject ever: Mark Fiore's Attack of the Gay Agenda.

It's actually really simple. Gay people getting married affects straight people in no tangible way. None. It just allows them to take advantage of laws which were created to encourage stable relationships and support of families.

And, as much respect as I have for a lot of the Pope's work, this is one of these matters where he is least qualified to say any fuckin' thing. He is an old celibate white guy who lives in a palace of gold, acquires real estate, and has people kiss his ring in supplication. (And I wonder what God would say about that if He was asked?) He, and anyone else who has never given themselves over to romantic love for another human being, has nothing of use to say on the subject to anyone who has.

But, then, I suppose that's the business religion fancies itself to be in -- telling people who, and how, to love.

I've not heard one instance of specific damage of any type being caused by gay marriage. Pope is buying the right-wing propaganda like the rest of 'em.
Agreed. The Pope has little room to talk on people's lives.

And that's without bringing up the tepid reaction to the molestation scandals in the Catholic Church.
I remember one religion-wrangler, oh, about 2000 years ago, telling people who to love. I believe he said, "Everybody".
Isn't Gay sex supposed to be the sole domain of the clergy and slow boys?
Hey, Tom, have you seen this?

I feel so patriotic now!

--An Anonymous Stilyagi Slacker
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