Thursday, December 23, 2004

Breathe, Stupid, BREATHE! Ya Forgot Ta Breathe Again

The caretakers run amok:
The Bush administration issued broad new rules Wednesday overhauling the guidelines for managing the nation's 155 national forests and making it easier for regional forest managers to decide whether to allow logging, drilling or off-road vehicles.

The long-awaited rules relax longstanding provisions on environmental reviews and the protection of wildlife on 191 million acres of national forest and grasslands. They also cut back on requirements for public participation in forest planning decisions.

What this does, see, is allow BushCo officials to more easily permit logging, drilling, and other destructive yet profitable practices on formerly protected lands. And it is one of the best examples of the short-sightedness of both Bush and of his corporate cohorts.

In science class, we learned about photosynthesis, the process by which plants process the carbon dioxide we exhale into the oxygen we inhale and the nutrients we gain when we eat the plants, or which animals gain when they eat the plants and we gain when we eat the animals.

When we cut down trees -- the largest plants of all -- we are are doing damage to our atmosphere and our own food chain.

This is why global warming is such a threat. Profits, tax breaks, nepotism, glad-handing mean squat if none of us can fuckin' breathe.

And I really don't think these morons in charge see that.

Here are a few links with stuff you can do to help:

We're dealing with an administration that is so scientifically illiterate they think global warming is a myth. They are so scientifically illiterate, they spread misconception and lies and don't even know how stupid they are. They’ve proven again and again they they not only don’t understand the science and methods involved, they are also strangers to the ethics involved.

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