Monday, November 29, 2004

Well, What Th' Hell We SPOZE T'Do, Ya' Moe-Ron?

Okay. So there's a new place to rant about what's wrong. Ranting only goes so far. What do we do to make it right?

Same thing as always: Act. The tricky part is determining where to get active.

Kate, commenting at Atrios yesterday, clued me in to three very interesting organizations:
Not only do these groups have clear, progressive, good-of-all-humanity goals, they have realistic plans for achieving them. They are quite aware of each other's existence and work together whenever possible, which is another good thing because we don't need to destroy ourselves in stupid turf wars.

Need to do something to help the greater good? These look like good places to start.

You might also be interested in United For a Fair Economy, which, although non-partisan, works for a more equitable distribution of wealth and income in this country. They oppose the administration's efforts to reduce the tax burden on the wealthy, and they encourage corporations to pay the folks at the top less and the folks at the bottom more. They are affiliated with Responsible Wealth, which seeks to retain estate taxes.

-- patoadam
In addition to themes, there are tools:

* AdvoKit, so we can improve our grassroots GOTV/organizing efforts
* Civic SpaceLabs, a web content-management system designed by Dean folks
* Back End, another political content-management system which exists in some stable state (not yet with CivicSpaceLabs) and which is now used by the Canadian Union of Public Employees
Hey, filkertom! Kate here!

I'm so happy you posted about this. However, what I think needs to be emphasized is that PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) seeks to eventually displace the DLC as the controlling faction of the Democratic Party. They are an inter-party caucus, with state caucuses springing up. They hope to have a full 50 state chapters, and to help steer Democratic action and energy in the service of progressive goals, both at the local level and the national level.

What I want to stress is the potential of PDA to be the vehicle for party reform. Howard Dean supports PDA as that vehicle, and 21st Century Dems will be working to assist candidates who reflect PDA aims.

To those who haven't signed up yet in a state caucus of PDA, please take the time to do so. If your state is not yet listed as having a PDA branch, think about helping to start one. I shouldn't think it would be that difficult -- if you go to and type in "progressive" and "politics" there is scarcely a place in the country where progressive Democrats are not now meeting on a regular basis, still with energy after Black Tuesday. I was startled to discover how many Arizona meet-up groups are active. If you attend these you may find plenty of like-minded souls to help you start your own state PDA caucus.

Thanks again, filkertom! Keep testifyin'!
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