Wednesday, December 29, 2004

CQ, CQ -- This Is W9-GFO Here -- Come Back?

Gee, you'd think that a company subject to laws regarding freedom of access and that sort of thing would be perfectly happy to take money for ads expressing a political viewpoint, wouldn't you?

Well, as has been shown several times recently, that ain't so. The newest case is the attempt by Robert Millman to put a series of ads on Clear Channel. Here's the script for one:
This is a paid radio moment–
Some of us disagree with the President.
We think the Iraq war is a mess.
We think vote suppression is a crime.
We think tax cuts for the rich are a bad idea.
We think business doesn’t know best. (pause)
And we think dissent is an American value. (pause)
This country was born because people questioned authority.
It’s as American as apple pie.
See any hate crimes in there? Any racial slurs, profanities, calls for treason or rioting or anarchy? Well, Clear Channel isn't broadcasting it anyway. They're not taking the money for a non-offensive ad. We can only assume it's because they object to the content... which means they don't like it because it's anti-Bush. Which is a hell of a way to serve the public airwaves.

Check out the ads. And then call your local stations and ask how much advertising rates are. I bet we could get these things up all over the darn place, relatively cheaply.

Thanks to WoodyGuthrie'sGuitar (aka Konopelli) for the heads-up on this one.

Hmmm...judging from the title of this post, maybe the BushHeads are trying to keep the aliens from finding out how much of a mess we're in.

Good idea on the commercial, though...small moves...small moves...
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