Tuesday, November 30, 2004

... Tell... Them... I... Said... "OW!" Gotcha.

A perfect example of impending left-wing spineles- er, politeness:
Many of the nation's leading civil rights groups expressed "serious concern" Monday with President Bush's nomination of White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to be attorney general, calling for "close scrutiny" by the Senate.

But the coalition of more than two dozen groups -- including the NAACP, ACLU and Amnesty International -- stopped short of opposing the nomination.

This is the guy who wrote the memo justifying torture. If you don't oppose him, now, where in the blue hell have you set the limit? Does he have to eat live babies on camera, piqued with annoyance at their cries drowning out the Mozart playing in the background as he squeezes fresh lemon juice into their open wounds?

But Gonzales is a Latino, you see, so that outright opposition to him is ipso fatso racism. Wouldn't want to have Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, etc., turn out to have been nasty racists all this time, now, would we?

Probably, they're so sure the Republicans will confirm him no matter what they do that they're unwilling to put much of a fight into it. The Senators and the White House will all go la-la-we're-not-listening, yell at them for partisanship, and declare that the civil rights community is in danger of making itself "irrelevant". Just like the United Nations, the American Bar Association, the Universities, the Scientists, all of Europe, inconvenient facts, and anything else the Republican party has decided to just ignore.

When they finally acknowledge the gas ovens they're building in Guantanamo, the Democratic reaction will be "subdued".
I wrote my senators about Gonzalez - Senator "He's better than Ashcroft" Schumer and Senator "Front Runner for 2008" Clinton. Schumer didn't respond. Clinton send the form email that says she doesn't want to prejudge the nominee before the hearings. In other words, Hillary believes that we can ignore a lifetime of experience in bending the law to the will of the far right and declaring "quaint" any laws one doesn't like. If Gonzalez can sound reasonable for an hour or so before the committee she's OK with him?

If this is the Democratic Party's idea of "leadership", they are toast.
And another Dem leader, Patrick Lehey (sp?) ...the one Cheney told
to get fucked...said he was glad the Repugs didn't pick anyone who
would be a "divisive' nominee.
The nation's civil rights leaders expressed "serious concern" about Gonzales. Well, that's the least they could do. No, I mean it, that's the least they could do.
Dems will keep doing this unless you hold them accountable. It's time, at the very least, to build a plausible exit strategy. Unless you demand better behavior from the folks who are supposedly representing the left you won't get it!
That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

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