Saturday, December 11, 2004

Fellas, Last Year I Made Three Million Dollars, But Your Fifty Thousand Was The Most Fun

I have here an absolutely perfect example of how fucking stupid people are, and how even -- perhaps especially -- those who claim to be on your side can work against you.

You can, for only $8.95, purchase the FOXBlocker, which will filter Fox News from your cable system. Also, the company that markets it, Mokipoke Enterprises, LLC in Tulsa, OK, "will send an e-mail in your name to the TOP 10 advertisers at FOX News letting them know that yet another subscriber has opted out of FOX News. With a little luck and a lot of volume, we can shut the FOX up!"

Good and noble idea. Except...

Can't you just not watch Fox?

Can't you already program your remote to screen out certain channels?

Can't you just send the e-mails yourself, rather than let some company send (or say they'll send) form letters with your name and who knows how much personal information on them? (An excellent resource, with links to all of Fox's advertisers, is AlterNet's FightFox page.)

Can't all this be done for free?

I'd be very, very surprised if this weren't a hoax. My understanding (although I'm a software engineer, not a hardware engineer) is that channel availability is determined through software, not hardware.

Joshua O'Madadhain
Tulsa? Yeah, right. The day I knowingly send my money anywhere in Oklahoma, Tom Coburn will not be their enthusiastically elected Senator.

Sorry, Tulsa, but I buy American.
Awesome - Save $50 on a playstation 2...Whoopee!!

This is a great site people!
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