Friday, June 03, 2005

You Have Meddled With The Primal Forces Of Nature, Mr. Beale, And I Won't Have It

The big news story this week has been the revelation, in Vanity Fair Magazine, that W. Mark Felt was "Deep Throat", the anonymous informant who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein blow the lid off the Nixon administration.

To me, the funniest -- and vilest -- part of the whole exercise has been the taking to task of Felt. And not just by anybody, either.

By Ben Stein, former Nixon speechwriter.

Peggy Noonan, High Priestess of the First Church of Reagan.

Pat Buchanan, another Nixon speechwriter.

Chuck Colson, psychopath for Jesus.

G. Gordon Liddy
, convicted Watergate burglar.

All kindsa folks. You can keep up on it at Deep Throat: Uncovered. But there are two important things to keep in mind -- two important things this barrage of talking heads is trying to do.

First, most of these specific talking heads were in the Nixon administration, and a few of them were involved in the burglary and underlying political plot. They are trying to vilify Felt to scour their own tarnished reputations. They are trying to rewrite history.

Second, they are trying to prevent a Deep Throat of the Bush administration to come forward. They want people to be so afraid of having their characters assassinated and their lives and careers destroyed (not that that's ever happened before) that they'll never come forth with the dirt on the Bushes.

First rule of Republican politics: Win at any cost. The law, the Constitution, people's lives do not matter. All that matters is winning, and if possible making the other guy hurt as much as possible.

So Liddy, who did prison time for his monkey business, not only badmouths the guy who put him away, but how he put him away, the thief lecturing the informant about honor. Noonan calls Colson, one of the most pathetic and hypocritical men in modern American politics, one of the true heroes of Watergate. Pat Buchanan says that millions of deaths in Vietnam and Cambodia were the fault of Felt, for bringing Nixon down when, gosh darn it, all he was trying to do was to save the world.

Everybody says how wonderful Nixon was.

Keep this in mind, and tell everyone you speak to about this to remember it:

In the name of Richard Nixon, these people tried to subvert the Constitution. They committed crimes. Some of them went to prison. Why should anyone listen to them at all, and what does anyone think they're going to say about the man who helped catch them?

But Colson can't be all bad, right? He went to Brown!
Oh, Buchanan's polemic in the L.A. Times today was just nauseating. Everyone's carping on Felt's "disloyalty", but no one seems to want to answer the question of what he should have done once he'd discovered the administration's criminal intent and actions. They yell about Felt "cashing in" -- only, I think because they believe his take will cut into theirs. Liddy and Buchanan in particular have profited from their associations, and I think all of the "Plumbers" have written books.

These men are worse than criminals. They're sociopaths who believe they can do and get away with anything to promote their own agendas. They disgust me.
I do tend to agree that, once the administration was gone, Felt could have come forward. Then, of course, he'd have to live with 30 more years of unjust villification.
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